+B Windsor Manor AA Victor AS1089981
DOB: 3/98

2004 Premier Sire PTAM +91

  LA 7-03 91 (EEE)

Sire: +*B McQuitty Farm Allison’s Ammo
2004 & 2005 Top 15% Sire Summary
SS: +B Gold Lobo Westfork’s Jack
SSS: ++*B Coyoteville’s Lothario
SSD: Washoe Zephyr Camelot Julep
SD: GCH McQuitty Farm Allison 2*M
1996 National Champion
SDS:*B McQuitty Farm Zinger
SDD: GCH McQuitty Farm Alice 1*M

Dam: Windsor Manor Perfect Vanilla 3-02 90 (EEEV)
DS: +*B Tim Tam Perfect Timing
DSS: +*B WSU/VMP Fandango
DSD: GCH Tim Tam Perfect Reason
5-06 89 (VEEE) Life 503 7310 242/3.4%
DD:GCH Windsor Manor CJC Veronica 1*M
6-03 91(EEEE)
DDS: ++*B Companeros Jester Challenger
DDD: Windsor Manor Stylish Vanessa

Victor is a VERY exciting addition to our herd. We’ve admired Victor and his offspring, and cannot believe our good fortune to have gotten the opportunity to add him to our herd. Victor exudes power. He is long, uphill and very wide. At 7 years old, Victor appraised 91 with V or E in all structural categories. Victor’s dam Vanilla appraised 90, and her dam Veronica appraised 91. Both of these does have PTA’s in the ideal range in ALL of the thirteen linear traits.

Victor was the 2004 Premier Sire. He is sire to GCH Windsor Manor WMV Francine, the 2003 National Champion. Francine’s daughter Francesca easily topped the Yearling Milker class at the 2004 National Show. Another outstanding Victor daughter is GCH Windsor Manor Victor’s Dream. She was 3 rd Place Yearling Milker at the 2001 National Show, 2 nd Place 2 Year Old in 2002, and 9 th Place 3 Year Old in 2003. Dream‘s daughter Dresden was 5 th Place 2 Year Old in 2004. Victor’s strong genetics flow generation to generation to generation.

In my visits to Willow Run, it was always easy to pick out the Victor offspring. They are tall, long, and wide, very open in the escutcheon, and have a tremendous amount of strength and substance. Victor also has a very sweet temperament which he passes to his daughters.

As though all of that incredible type and sweet temperament is not enough, he has a positive PTA for milk. What more could we ask of a buck? I am still pinching myself to make sure that I really own this magnificent animal.