SGCH Kickadee Hill WB Geez Louise 5*M AS1300842 
   DOB: 5/11/04

Louise at 5 yrs

Louise at 4 yrs

LA 1-01 V (V+Ec)
LA 3-02 90(EVEE)
LA  4-02 92 (EEEE)

1-10 268 2483 87/3.5% 67/2.7%

2009 All American Four Year Old 

Sire:  GCH*B Willow Run SK Wooly Bully 7-01 91 (EEE)
SS: SG ++*B Willow Run VQ Scorpion King
SSS: SG ++*B Windsor Manor WMDM Visionquest
SSD: GCH Willow Run Ansell Smirk *M 2004 National Champion
SD: Willow Run Dream Jacuzzi *M
SDS: SG ++*B Windsor Manor WMT Dream Maker 3-03 (VEE)

Dam: Kickadee Hill Sweet Lorraine 4*M 2-02 88 (+EEE)
2-00 231 1803 63/3.5% 51/2.9%
DS: GCH +*B Des Ruhigestelle Eraser 4-01 90 (VEE)
DSS: +*B Des Ruhigestelle Emrys
DSD: Des Ruhigestelle Ethos 5*M 5-03 88 (+EEV)
Life 595 6120 233/3.8% 186/3.0%
DD: SGCH Des Ruhigestelle Loreleah 3*M 5-04 90 (VEEE) 7-03 91 (EEEV)
One Day Test: 3-02 14# milk, 4.2% butterfat; 8-02 9.3# milk, 4.2% butterfat
DDS: SGCH ++*B Des Ruhigestelle Equus 7-04 91 (EEE) 1994 Premier Sire
DDD: SGCH Nu-Togg-A-Saan Leah Anne 2*M 9-03 91 (EEEE)
1994 Nationals 1st Place Three Year Old, 1
st Udder
Life 1036 10500 398/3.8% 327/3.1%

Louise is the matriarch of the herd. She comes from a long doe line that exudes excellence generation after generation. This doe line brings us gorgeous udders, spectacular general appearance, and high butterfat. Louise’s sire is heavily linebred on Dream Maker, sire of eight Permanent Champions as well as the 2000 National Champion and the 1999 Reserve National Champion, and has Smirk, the 2004 National Champion thrown in as the outcross. Louise was a Permanent Champion by the time she was 60 days fresh on her first lactation, and has earned Best in Show several times throughout her show career. Louise is 9 years old this year, and her udder is still as snug as when she was a 2 year old. Her general appearance is spectacular with a front end that is still as smooth as glass. Not only is Louise pretty, she is also an asset in the milk parlor with her level lactation and strong components. Louise’s daughter Liz has been a tremendous show doe. She was 5th place Intermediate Kid at Nationals in 2008, earned her dry leg with a Best Junior Doe in Show win in West Virginia, and has been Best in Show numerous times in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky in 2012 as a 4 year old. It is indeed a blessing to have someone do so much with their Kickadee Hill animal. A big thank you goes to Amy Keach for all of her time and work to manage and show Liz to her full potential. Louise’s son, Lonnie (in our herd) is the most structurally correct buck we have ever owned. I knew he was a keeper before he was even dry.

We are going to repeat the breeding of Louise to GCH +*B Willow Run Stormfront Stuck Up, which made Liz. This breeding has a nice little linebreeding on Smirk, the 2004 National Champion. Stuckey’s dam, Snuggle, is a Smirk daughter who was first place in her class at Nationals for three consecutive years starting with the year she was 3 years old. At 5 years old, Snuggle was Reserve Best Udder at Nationals and appraised 92 (EEEE). And after seeing Liz this year, we knew it was time to go back to Stuckey.

SGCH Louise is bred to GCH Stuckey  - Due February 17, 2013         Kid price $1000

SGCH Louise’s daughter, GCH Liz, at 4 years old
Photo courtesy of Keach Manor Saanens, Bagdad, KY


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