*B Willow Run CK Snob AS1343741
DOB: 4/15/05

LA 0-03 V (+EcEc)

Sire: *B Willow Run Carnal Knowledge
SS: ++*B Windsor Manor WMT Dream Maker
3-03 90 (VEE)
SSS: ++*B Windsor Manor Trailblazer
SSD: Des Ruhigestelle Dream 2*M
SD: Willow Run Hallmark Calandra 5*M
5-02 86 (VAEE)
Life 1233 9640 350/3.6% 290/3.0%
SDS: +*B Pinesong WSU Hallmark
SDD: Pinesong WSU Calamity 4*M
Life 406 2520 122/4.8% 84/3.3%

Dam: Willow Run V.Q, Sneer 2*M
DS: +*B Windsor Manor WMDM Visionquest
5-01 88 (+EV)
DSS: ++*B Windsor Manor WMT Dream Maker
3-03 90 (VEE)
DSD: GCH Windsor Manor CJC Veronica 1*M
6-03 91 (EEEE)
DD: GCH Willow Run Ansell Smirk 1*M Life 1049 10020 258/2.6% 271/2.7%
2004 National Champion
DDS: *B Willow Run Legacy Ansell
DDD: Willow Run Stimulator Smile

Snob is huge like his sire CK. He is tall and wide with lots of substance, yet very strong in dairy character. Snob is very uphill, with a board level back. He has a very long neck which blends smoothly into his shoulders. Snob has exceptional feet and strong pasterns. Carnal Knowledge was one of the prettiest bucks I ever saw at Willow Run. His full sister, GCH Carnegie, is an exceptional brood doe who reproduces herself and then some in nearly all of her offspring.. Carnegie is long and level with a very globular shaped udder. Sneer has a simply awesome udder and stands on very correct feet and legs. Sneer has done consistently well at the National Show. She was 3 rd place Milking Yearling in 2003, 13 th place 2 year old in 2004, and was 4 th place 3 year old in 2005. Sneer’s dam, Smirk, is the 2004 National Champion. Smirk and Sneer were 1 st place Dam & Daughter in 2003. Snob will only be used on a few does this year because we are breeding most of our does to Victor. He will certainly get more use next year.

Snob’s dam, Sneer as a Milking Yearling

Carnal Knowledge’s full sister, Carnegie