Pleasant-Grove Saving Grace  *M    AS1629310 

DOB: 2/10/13


Grace as a 3 year old

3-05 88 (+EVE)

Sire:  *B des-Ruhigestelle Catch a Fox
SS: *B Old-English Arctic Fox 4-03 91(EEE)
2010 Spotlight Sale Buck
SSS:  *B Loughlin’s Dream Maker’s Fox
SSD: SGCH Old-English Tilly 3*M 5-05 92(EEEE)
SD: SGCH des-Ruhigestelle Wincatcher 4*M 4-06 93(EEEE)  2013 National Champion
3-00 305 3911 112 2.9% 103 2.6% ext 335 4242 122 113
SDS: SG +*B des-Ruhigestelle Elander
SDD: SGCH des-Ruhigestelle Winseeker 3*M 8-06 93(EEEE)
2005 Junior National Champion and 2008 National Champion
2009 Top Ten 5-00 296 3504 140 4.0% 107 3.1%

Dam: CH Pleasant-Grove Grand Granola LA 5-07 91 VEEE 
DS: Pleasant-Grove Chinook Grand
DSS: +*B Rocky Run RC Chinook
DSD: Pleasant Grove Edge Grass 6-03 90(EVEV)
DD: Pleasant-Grove Magic Graze 3-05 88(++EE)
DDS: Willow Run Knowledge is Magic
DDD: Pleasant Grove Cobra Graze

Grace is a smoothly blended doe with a socked-on udder. She is the epitome of dairy strength with her flat bone and angularity combined with power and substance. Grace has that sweet, cooperative, calm temperament that prospers in a dairy environment. She has a high rear udder, a strong medial, and a huge area of attachment. Grace’s pedigree is jam-packed with excellent animals. Her dam was in the top of her class at Nationals for four consecutive years as a milker, and she was dam to the 2013 Premier Sire. Grace’s sire is product of the 2010 Spotlight Sale buck bred to the 2013 National Champion. Grace has a lot to live up to, but she is well on her way! We only attended one show in 2015, where Grace earned Grand Champion over 16 does.


Granola at 2 years     

Granola at 5 years
(Granola photos Courtesy of Craig Koopman)

Old-English Tilly
(O.E. photos courtesy of Carol Mann)

Old-English Arctic Fox - 2010 Spotlight Sale Buck

dR Wincatcher
dR Winseeker
Dam & Daughter
2012 Nationals
(photo courtesy of Lauren Acton)

Grace earning her dry leg


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