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Thank you! for your interest in Kickadee Hill Saanens. 2015 marks 32 years of breeding dairy goats for us. We’ve owned 32 Permanent Champions in our goat lifetime. 20 of them were goats that we raised and showed ourselves while 12 were goats that we sold as kids and other people raised, showed and earned their championships. We’ve been to the National Show three times, and placed in the top ten placing of all of the classes.

Our wether, Joe, and his coal mining buddy, Zander. 1st place costume class at the county fair!

 “Kickadee” is a word we created to describe the gleeful way a goat will run and jump into the air, tossing her

head, and kicking all four legs in the air at once. When it came time to select a herd name, we decided that wherever our goat adventure took us, we’d like our goats to always be happy enough to go “kickadee down the hill”.

In our early years, we had a raw milk license, fudge making permit, and farm store, freshening 35 does annually. These days we keep a small elite herd. All of our goats have deep pedigrees full of excellence on both sides of their pedigrees. Our pedigrees are bursting with Permanent Champions, 90+ appraisal scores, National Champions and Premier Sires.

After many years of living with goats, we’ve developed the style of goat that pleases us. We want low maintenance goats who are capable of living long, productive lives, so we breed for structural soundness and correctness. We want easy keepers, so we breed for substance and power. We want a year round milk supply to provide our home with milk and cheese, so we breed for a long, level lactation. We keep goats for our pleasure, so we breed for easy temperaments that give us personalities that can get along easily within the herd as well as with the humans who care for them. We want them all to be pretty, so that we can show them if we want to. And most of all, we want our goats to be friendly, happy and healthy. All of these years later, we are pleased to report that our goats still go “kickadee down the hill”.

2014 costume class winner
Lily and Taylin out stylin'

We hand raise all of our kids, even the wethers, so you can expect a calm, well-socialized kid when ordering from Kickadee Hill. We strive to give our kids optimum care so that they can grow to reach their full potential. Our kids are treated for coccidia and wormed with fenbendazole once a month until they are six months old. Kids are vaccinated with CDT and are routinely given Bo-Se and vitamins ADE.

Kid deposits are honored in the order received. If you select a second choice kid, it is honored ahead of a subsequent order’s first choice. We require a $100 deposit to hold the kid of your choice. If we do not offer the kid for sale for any reason, your deposit will be refunded promptly or transferred to an alternate choice, whichever you prefer. The balance may be paid in cash at the time of pick up, or it may be paid by check two weeks in advance of pick up, whichever is easier for you. Prices listed are “at the farm”. The buyer is responsible for health certificates, vet fees, shipping charges, etc. We require pick up of your kid by one month of age.


If you would like more information on any of our animals, please contact us. We are always happy to pull up a chair and talk goats.


Brad and Marilyn Grossman


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